Tuesday, May 5, 2009

this IS happening

So being the good/great dog parents that we are, we know that happy dogs (much like children) are tired dogs.... so we try round 2 of Dude in the dog park.  Last week we took our little Dude over to the Southlake Dog Park for him to run out some energy. Until he got gang raped by a boxer, a yellow lab, a pomeranian and about 3 other unidentified breeds.  EVEN after we pulled them away multiple times.  They always came back for more Dude.  I guess what do you expect being the most handsome dog in the park/ entire world.  Poor little Dude could NOT figure out that he could run faster than the big guys and just got backed into the corner of the fence-- when he wasn't playing dead. So after that traumatic experience, we go back for round 2 today at Fort Woof Dog Park.

Today was MUCH better and Dude adapted very quickly to having all the space to run in.  He made a few friends (big and small) and ran around like a crazy man.  There were some dogs COVERED in mud and totally filthy thanks to all the rainstorms we have been having.  Luckily, Dude stayed out of the mud, this time.  It was a really fun afternoon. After nearly an hour of canine fun, Dude was just exhausted! So we say bye to his new friends and head out to the parking lot.... to find THIS:


Oh yes, in case you didn't catch that it is a FAT (possibly the fattest) chihuahua ever. Dressed as a king.  Wearing a cape.  Properly positioned on a foam pad.  Hands on the steering wheel.  Driving a little tykes pink car. 

Yep. Just another day at the dog park.  


kim said...

THAT is TOO funny!

Kelsey Claire said...

we need to have a dog play date at the park. I am afraid we are going to have the opposite problem with Miss Tilly than what you had with Dude. She will be the attack dog to the poor dog in the corner.

I love the cupcake! Someone really special and sweet must have found that for you!

Also, tell Steven that TJ enjoyed his shave, but would have never payed for it himself. He said that it was a great gift though!

Karen said...

That is stinking hilarious!

Love the new look.

Mamma Cakes said...

That is sooooo funny! You should send it in to jay Leno or something!