Monday, January 26, 2009

the hunt for a dog and a church

well i am not a good blogger by any means but i feel like i have to update every once in a while.

The past few weekends have been really relaxing and even a little boring. This past weekend we went on the hunt to adopt a dog. We heard about free dogs at the SPCA Dallas. So we decided to head down to Dallas and look at dogs. Well the free dogs where to the 1st 10 people to adopt and all the other dogs are 50% off. We found a dog that we connected with but he had heart worms. We just didn't feel right about living on the 3rd floor with a dog that was going to have to have some operations and be un active for 4-6 weeks. It was really sad when we left because he put his nose on the bars of his cage and gave us the look... you know the look why are you leaving me in this cage.....

Sunday we decided to try a new church and we both really liked it. So we are going to go back next Sunday and try a different service. We have had a hard time finding a Church that we both like, so it was nice to both walk out of the service happy with our time of worship. After church we decided to go to pet's mart to see the dogs that were up for adoption there. We found one online that we wanted to look at and he was there.... We go over to his cage and get him out to play with and then we saw the aggressive side of the dog..... and we were like NOPE. Another dog walked by and he went crazy and living where we do we cant have an Alpha dog... (too many other dogs).

So all and all we couldn't find a dog that fit us and our living situation..... but we might of found a Church....

Monday, January 5, 2009


Well well well....hello to my long lost blogging buddies.... This is the weak that my beautiful wife has been dreading since august 2007 when she started at TCU

This week consist of 10 tests for Liz.... yes that is right 10 tests. 3 today, 3 wed. and 3 on Friday. Saturday morning she has her big text called the praxis which is the one that counts the most in my (check) book..... it is the non school test

So if you could be thinking/praying for Liz this week I know she would appreciate it.  

Just a little update on our first Holiday Season as a married couple.... We had a great time with the Stevens family in Arlington for Christmas. My parents came down on the Friday after Christmas which was really great to spend some time with them it has been way to long. 

New Years Eve we did what most normal people do.... went to the grocery store, cooked an awesome dinner and watched all of the people freeze in NYC. It was really nice to not have to risk my life with all of the drunk drivers out there. (i think that means i am getting old that i liked staying in on NYE). 

Well that is about all i got tonight............