Thursday, November 20, 2008

my wife and the cheese grater

so my lovely wife has been quite the top chef in the kitchen this week (on top of her motor speech test, projects being due, and finishing up her work at the hospital).... macaroni and cheese, crock pot bbq chicken, salads, vegetables, sweet potatoes, pizza, just to name a few of her culinary masterpieces. tonight, as she was preparing dinner for us after her long drive home from fort worth, she decides to grate some fresh Parmesan cheese to go on top of our pizza. As she is grating the cheese i hear ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! me, being the accommodating husband i am, continue checking out my fantasy football stats. next thing i know she is running into the bathroom (still screaming). in our 4+ years of knowing each other this is basically the first time she has ever freaked out in such a manner. typically i am the one with the aliments or unusual issues. i hear "STEVEN CAN YOU PLEEEEASE COME IN HERE, AND BRING PAPER TOWELS, AND THROW AWAY THE CHEESE, AND HURRY" not knowing what exactly had happend i comply. liz was standing in the bathroom running her finger under water, blood spatered all over the sink, she had gracefully grated her finger.... as i stand there watching her i start to think... i mean say out loud "i finally have something to blog about".... probably not the best thing to say out loud when a chunk of skin from your wife's finger is in the freshly grated cheese at the bottom of the plate. sick, i know. i have never seen her in a pressure (aka bloody) situation before. she was not as calm as i would have expected, trying to make light of the situation i tried to convince her to put peroxide on the "laceration".... i believe her reply was "#&@*&$*#$% GO AWAY"

so an anxiety attack, no peroxide, and 4 bandaids later-- back to pizza and survivor. a fun thursday night.

and I know you are thinking it and NO we didn't eat the cheese....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

layoff...... yes another layoff

well well well Highland Homes did their 5th layoff today. It wasn't like it was unexpected but still this was one of the biggest ones to date. 12 construction personal, 7 out of 12 purchasing people, and a handful more of office staff. With layoffs comes a lot of change for us. I am now going to be a full time warranty manager back in McKinney. I am so thankful to still have a job and a way to provide for my wife. So thanks for praying for us this past week and just keep us and my company in your prayers that we can survive this funk that this economy is in.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

you know your married when....

so i wanted to list a few things that will only happen if you are a married man

1) Jon and Kate plus eight is on my DVR
2) Taco Tuesday
3) you cant dry everything when you are doing laundry
4) Wednesday is grocery store flier day in the mail
5) For some reason leaving size 15 shoes in the doorway is not a good idea.

..... ummm that is all i could think of tonight......

back to watching Jon and Kate plus eight in Hawaii.....

peace out hommies


Monday, November 10, 2008

Trip to OKC to Norman to OKC to Norman to OKC then back to Texas

We had a little weekend trip up to OKC and Norman for Morgans wedding weekend. Here are a few our pics from the beautiful weekend.


Beautiful fall color
the Bricktown fountain

Beautiful campus.... oh how we miss those days

Us at the wedding with the Stevens Family

Note to self: never stay at the Bricktown Convention Center hotel. Top 5 reason
1. it is on MLK blvd. which is never a good area
2. just cause bricktown is in the name doesn't mean it is in bricktown
3. when the covers are itchy and haven't been changed in a decade
4. Drive the extra ten mins to Edmond or Moore to stay in a name brand hotel
5. $140 less than the other bricktown hotels means something is up.

All and all besides the nasty hotel that we stayed at on Saturday night it was a pretty fun weekend.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our Brush With Fame....

So my wife has been craving fresh fruit from this grocery store called Central Market. Central as us locals refer to it, is probably the nicest, cleanest, freshest, and yuppest grocery store you could ever image. It is a pretty awesome place if you have never been. Well we were making our way to the front and i see a guy that looks really familiar.... i look at Elizabeth and then look back at the man and it Hits me.... That is the puppet guy from Americas Got Talent from 2 years ago..... We spent about 10 mins trying to remember his name and then it hit me Terry Fator... (it was on his shirt)..I know I am lame for actually watching that stupid show but that is pretty much the most famous person I have seen around Dallas. Well he walked out past us at the check out lane and I made Liz go see what kind of car he drove..... any guesses for a man that won a million dollars and just signed a 100 million dollar Vegas deal.... A Prius a lame old hybrid Toyota Prius..... Oh well at least i saw someone famous?

Monday, November 3, 2008

When is it going to be cold?

Is it me or has fall been more like summer? i mean yesterday Liz and i went and laid out by the pool after we worked out and then walked to Sonic for Happy Hour in our shorts and flip flops.... I am ready to not have to run the AC anymore and i am not ready to turn the heat on.... I could use a low electric bill for once. Maybe Al Gore is right Global warning is causing this... RIGHT!!!! Even on Halloween night every kid we saw was sweating like crazy.

Anyways that is about it for me and I hope you guys get out an VOTE and then get ready for socialism to start in America.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

3 months

Well we have had another monthaversary today... the big 3 months that is.... The time has flown by.... Tonight Liz is making a pork tenderloin dinner to celebrate. boy does it smell good.... =)

For Halloween we decided to go down to Arlington to see some trick or treaters. We didn't think on the 3rd floor of an apartment would be the prime spot to hand out candy to kids....We saw some pretty cute kids and then the kids from other countries started to invade the neighborhood and the front porch light went OFF.....

We started our Christmas shopping this weekend.... pretty early but i figured we should get started so the bill and the rush doesn't all hit at once.....

Well that is about it from our world and i think our dinner is about ready.....