Saturday, May 2, 2009

Rain Rain Rain Golf Rain Rain

Well it has been a very rainy day down here today. Liz is off to Norman to hang out with some of her college girl friends..... So i got to spend the day with Dude and some of my Dallas friends.

I have never really been a hobby person, never really hunted, played a ton of golf, fished etc. I have really been craving to start a hobby or find something to do. So I am trying to practice/play more golf. So today my friends and I had a tee time at this really nice course and about an hour before we were to start, strong T-storms came in, so we had to cancel our round. We were all bummed out and then a break in the storms happened and we called about 10 places and found a course that said they would let us play. So we get to the course as fast as we could and start our round. It was awesome. There was no one on the course except for us, it had a nice cool breeze and the course was just in awesome shape. We played 9 holes in about hour and fifteen mins and i actually played decent for once in my life, maybe it was because we were trying to play so fast and i didnt have time to think about anything. We get to the 8th hole and on our carts GPS screen it says a T-storm is approaching. So we finish up 9 and go check the radar and a huge storm was coming, the guy was nice enough to give us a 9 hole rain check. Come to find out the storm before we started knocked over the Dallas Cowboys training faculty and the storm after we left dropped about 2 more inches of rain..... So i am guess i am glad we got to play and didnt get hit by lightning because that would of been bad..... 

another note, i hate Directv because every time it rains, i have no TV, so right now i have no idea if anything crazy is going on with this storm that is lighting up the sky with lightning. 

We also changed our trip to Las Vegas, so i hope we wont get the swine flu there.....

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