Friday, October 3, 2008

Top 10

Top Ten reasons why our week didn't suck:

10. Finally a week of zero Tests for Liz and only 7 hours of GA work....

9. Liz's car passed State Inspection (after new tires, light bulbs, windshield wipers, fuel filter, a repair to the exhaust system and almost $400 later.)

8. We cooked dinner off a pre determined schedule

7. Saved $20 in coupons and got 2 cans of Oust for a grand total of $0.68 at Wal Mart. GO US.

6. Sooners became #1 in the Polls

5. I lost over 25% of my 401K but I managed to survive another week at Highland Homes, even though it is not looking good.

4. All of our thank you notes are done and mailed (except for the Ipod docking station from Target:from No Name So thank you if it was from any of our 5 readers)

3. We celebrated our 2 monthaversary it is a pretty major milestone, you know...

2. I had a fun Lunch date with Karen on Wednesday and Elizabeth had lunch dates with her dad and her brother.

1. We spent two hours looking at dogs online ( please check out this one courtesy of my wife

Hope your week didn't suck =)

Steve and Eliz.


kim said...

Congrats on a week of non suckage. I pretty much suck because I am blogging at 11 pm on a Friday night! L-O-S-E-R!

Karen said...

So glad I made the top 10 list!!!

That dog is too cute especially in the tux.

Barktober fest - is that for real??

T.J. and Kelsey said...

Todd is adopting a Dachshund next Saturday. You should get one too and they can be friends! He was not wearing a tux though in his petfinder photo!

Mamma Cakes said...

You know getting a dog is the step right before having a kid. Just remember, they have to be fed, they poop a lot, they are fussy and cost a lot of money, and you have to get a sitter whenever you leave. Just giving you a hard time!! Congrats on all of the savings and the almost free OUST! You rock!

Dad said...

Your OU/Baylor outing was the perfect way to end a great week. Hope the next game goes just as well.