Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well today marks the 4th layoff since February 2007. I somehow surived another round. So that is a huge blessing.....

After each layoff all my builder buddies and I say they cant get any smaller... but we were all wrong. They laid 15 builders off (1/3 of all builders), gave our Divison Managers a demotion, and laid off some more office staff. I just hate when they do the layoffs it just makes me sick to my stomach and it makes me really appreciate my job.

On a brighter note.... Liz and I used some gift cards and wedding money and bought a Wii on Sunday. It was fun to spend money on something fun instead of China, Crystal, or random kitchen supplies.

This weekend we also took a road trip to Waco and watched the mighty sooners.

Well I hope all is going well,



Dad said...

We are so thankful that you still have your job. Keep being as useful as you can be for your company and hope that the economy starts to turn around.

kim said...

whew!!! enough with the layoffs already!!! You must be one heckofa builder!! :)

Mom said...

Hi Liz and Steven , Kim is right you are a terrific builder! I can just picture you and Liz bowling on your Wii ! Enjoy the debates! love Mom

Karen said...

It was good to talk to you this afternoon & I am glad you are not joining my club.