Friday, August 22, 2008

an update for kim

Well Kim you wanted an update on our blog.....

Been pretty busy this week with working out, went on a date on Tuesday night, celebrated Bobby's 18th birthday in Ft Worth on Wednesday, went to happy hour last night followed up by a trip to IKEA and then we put together our IKEA purchase.

We got a TV stand and a coffee table. We decided to go cheap since we live in an one bedroom apartment on the third floor.

Tonight i have a personal training session (wish me luck), On Saturday we are going to our friend Andy's play in Dallas and Liz is getting ready to start work and school on Monday.

I also have two houses closing next Friday and two houses closing on September 12. So work will be busy for the next few weeks and then i am going to be pretty slow for the rest of the fall/winter. =(

Sorry i really don't have any funny stories or exciting news to tell you guys....


kim said...

but at least I know what my brother is doing now, since he doesn't call me anymore!! :(

thanks for the update!

Mamma Cakes said...

Thanks for the update!! Miss you!