Tuesday, August 26, 2008

call centers

So this week ever call center i could call i think i have called.

I spent about an hour on Friday night to save $15 and to get my free showtime back on after it got cut off last week with directv

Sunday i call back to directv because my cable box kept resetting every time i turned it back on. It takes over 6 mins. to re set so that was really annoying.

We have DSL Internet and it is the worst Internet ever.... it cuts out all of the time. So i call the att people about the Internet and of course they say it is a wireless issue and not their issue. so no help there

Monday i call to switch Liz's cell phone over to my account. I have tried doing this since before the wedding. so this was like my 5th call and it finally get it all done (after an hour). Well i go online to look at the account and att transferred someone elses number to my account. So i call back and they couldn't understand why i was mad or what was wrong. So i put the hammer down and made it very clear that i wasn't happy and i needed this resolved. So i get put on hold and transferred around and i finally get to someone. So i had to wait as they call the number that they put on my account and get that guy to verify that he wasn't me or something and then i had to re do the whole thing i did 4 hours earlier. HEAD ACHE!!!! i ask the lady what she is going to do for me to make me happy and she goes i will wave the $18 transfer fee. gee thanks... since it was waved the 1st time i called 4 hours ago. i ask for a new phone discount and she is no help. so i just tell her that she obviously doesn't want to make me happy or care about my time so just do what you have to do and get this call over with.

so you think that is all that has happened.... WRONG

i have a small loan on my car and i go to make a payment on it and i get locked out of that account because i failed a security question. so i have to go dig up the debit card they sent me and find 10 different numbers to get into that bank to make my car payment.

next on the list of call centers.... Bank of America.... they wont let me log into my account without changing my password and log in. so i go to do it and follow all of the rules they set for the password and log in. it would not work. so i click to chat with someone to help me. he gives me like five different temp passwords and none of them work, so now i have to go into a branch or call another 1800 number to get it fixed. if you are like me i try to have one log in and one password for everything but now i have like 20 because of all the banks and sites i deal with. I also do everything online and not being able to log in causes a huge problem.

sorry to vent but i have spent over 6 hours since Friday night with call/chat centers. what else can go wrong this week.

oh ya i took a picture of Liz on her first day of school so i will try to post it for you guys later....


Mamma Cakes said...

I hate dealing with people at call centers, it is so frustrating. Hang in there bro, I hope it all gets worked out soon.

Dad said...

It would help if you would learn to speak Hindi!

kim said...

UGH, I feel for you!

Karen said...

I don't understand why you didn't want to pay for some random guy's cell phone. I mean what's wrong with you??