Friday, November 6, 2009

the house

We started a little closet renovation this past week. Due to my excellent builder scheduling skills i turned two little closets into a wonderful master walk in closet all with in 4 days. We have also added crown moulding throughout the house and changed out the kitchen hardware. Tomorrow is going to be a crazy busy morning, we are trying to move 99% of our apartment, Liz's storage unit (aka her parents house), and have all of our new furniture that we bought delivered all between the hours of 8am-12pm. Wish me luck or just come help.

more pics to come


Kris said...

Good luck getting everything done in a 4 hour window! I am sure it will feel great to go to sleep in your own house tomorrow night!

kim said...

SO cute! Can't wait to see it this weekend upclose and personal!

Cheyenne Sanders said...

This house is so adorable! Good luck!

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SO cute! Can't wait to see it this weekend upclose and personal!


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