Thursday, September 17, 2009

flat tire, biker man, and me being an idiot

Funny story to poke fun at myself.... while we were house hunting last night I notice that my front tire was getting low. So I find my local QT and pull in to get free AIR. As I get the hose out to fill my tire up, a man pulls up with a bike that has a low tire, he says to me "you got a bad leak there buddy".... really man, thanks for telling me that as i am filling it up. I finally give up as my tire is almost 100% flat at this point and just give him the air hose. I start to talk to Liz about how we might be changing a tire in the parking lot. The biker gingerly walks over to the air machine and turns the air on..... yes everyone I was letting all of the air out of my tire, the man on the bike gently hands me the air hose and rides off into the sunset and Liz starts laughing in the car..... I fill up the tire and put the hose up.... Iam proud to say the tire is still full of air this morning. But I am still an Idiot.

Peace out,

ps Dude says hi..