Wednesday, April 29, 2009

swine flu

So we have a trip planned to Mexico may 17th - may 21st to celebrate Liz's upcoming graduation.... everyone keeps asking me what we are going to do and honestly we have no idea what we are going to do.

American Airlines just extend the Mexico Travel Policy to all flight/trips planned from now to May 16th, where you can cancel for free, move locations for free or move the date of the trip for free. So as of right now we cant change it, but most likely it will get pushed out again in the next few days. So what would you guys do?

Ps Liz accepted the Job at the place in North Richland Hills. WAY TO GO LIZ!!!!!!!

Have a great day


Karen said...

You know I think we are all going to be exposed to the pig flu if you travel or not because our society is so mobile. I may be wrong but I think there is a bit of a media inspired over reaction going on right now. But, i may be wrong.

Congrats Liz!!!! When do you start? I got a job offer yesterday.....working on ironing out the details

Kelsey Claire said...

We are going on the 9th. Our travel agent has been great about providing us with info. It sounds like it is alot better to go now rather than a few weeks ago. Plus, it might be worse here than in Mexico in a short amount of time.

Mom said...

Yea Liz!!!! We are so proud of you. Your trip might be ok. Give it another week. Love, Mom

Mamma Cakes said...

Congrats Liz! I am a worry wart so I would prob. cancel and go later on. It prob. isn't safe wherever you go though.

kim said...

yippee skippy Liz! We're proud of you! I think do whatever you feel is right about your trip...I just don't know and can't give any real advice! :)

Matthew & Kara said...

Steven and Liz-
You have a blog? I just randomly found your blog!!! Wow! Ok, just another way I can stalk you guys :) Let's catch up in Dallas soon!

Kris said...

Yeah Liz! I am not sure on the trip. Probably like Joe Biden said worse to be on a plane than in Mexico. But since you have to take the plane to Mexico.......I would give it another week or so to see what is going on.

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