Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Britney and the Circus that follows her....

Well the Britney Spears show was last night and I have to say it was quite the show.... i guess i will start from the beginning of the night.....we get over to the American Airlines Center (AAC) and pay our $20 for parking and walk into the AAC. At this point Liz and I and way OVER dress if you know what i mean.....I don't think the AAC has ever had this many gay guys and skanky girls in it other than a Jonas Brother Concert. Our Tickets were in a suite so we make the journey to the suite and we walk in...... As we walk in we are greeted by ummmm 20 High school sophomore girls. Were we a little out of place? YES... so i guess the girl that greeted us dad owned this suite and gave away four tickets so he could write it off on his Taxes. So we sit down by the other couple who won tickets and they were really awkward and felt just as out of place as we were. Well the high school girls say all the food and drinks are free except for no beer or alcohol because they are underage and her dad wouldn't pay for it. Which is fair enough. right? well these little girls had some bottles of whiskey, vodka, and opened the bottle of wine that was in the suite. The suite attendant busted them and took away all of there booze. It was like the air was let out of their balloon and their party was over. Then they sneak in some wiggers (if you don't know what a wigger is, don't ask) boys from their high school and their party started again and some how more booze got in. Busted again by the suite attended. HAHA

As we were waiting for the show to start we were walking around and we run into Kidd Kraddick. Kidd is the Ryan Seacrest of Dallas radio. Liz's favorite morning radio show.

Well the opening act comes out and it is the Pussy Cat Dolls.... which they sang their 5-6 hit songs and then the weirdness starts. Britney's theme of her Tour is Circus and the stage is set up as a 3 ring circus. Different circus act perform and then the show starts..... Girls are screaming and the music starts. The show was actually very entertaining and kinda good. She runs around, dances, lip sings and changes clothes a lot. We agreed to live at 10:30pm so we could get home by 11:30. And of course at 10:30 she starts to sing the songs that we knew. Toxic, Hit Me baby one more time, i am slave....etc so we stayed for a little longer and then decide to leave to get home to our dog and so Liz could finish packing for her trip to Austin today. As we were leaving the suite attendant was talking to his boss about suite 1305 and the underage girls. I am kinda glad we left early and it was nice to get out with NO TRAFFIC (i am turning into Dad =) )

So overall it was a Circus for sure but we had a good time and some stories to look back on.

*and on another note.... how does someone like her that has been through everything she has sell out a huge arena night after night..... I dont get it but whatever


Karen said...

I am beginning to think that you and Liz attract wiggers. First on the honeymoon shuttle van and now at your big night out with Brittany.

Mamma Cakes said...

Where are the pictures??

Dad said...

Thank goodness for Google for now I too know what wigger means. Yuk! You guys need to keep better company.