Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Dude

So its been a while, and I know you are all dying to see more pictures of the cutest dog in the world.... as you can see he is a chewer! 


HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!!!!!! I hope you all were able to enjoy some green beer, or made some homemade green beer like my good buddy Kelsey (Martha Stewart Style)!

In honor of the Irish, Steven and I enjoyed $2 Sushi and (American) Beer at The Fish with some friends.  Steven, has added so many new foods to his dining repertoire in the past few months! Vegetables, fruits, salads (as a meal, not a side!), fish, sushi and cccchhhhocolate just to name a few.  However, I think I need to get Karen's recipe for black spaghetti to really put him to the test!

Off to watch the DVR.... gotta love spring break :o)


Kelsey Claire said...

Dude is one of three cutest dogs in the world!

Kelsey Claire said...

PS You need to invite us to dinner sometime. I invite you places and you say NO I am going out of town...I am going to go and throw myself a pity party!

Karen said...

cute pics! Trust me......you don't want to try the black spag.