Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well everyone out there in the blog world.... we now have a new member to the Miller family....

Please help us welcome our newest member

Mr Dude Miller

He is in need of a big haircut and a big bath. We rescued him from the SPCA in McKinney this week and he is getting adjusted to us and his new home. He is really sweet and so far pretty good. We don't think he has ever been groomed so we are thinking of trimming his fluffy coat way back and we have to wait a few more days so his stitches can heal up.
So I guess we now how stuff to blog about and we will post some more pictures after his haircut next week.
Wish us luck.


Karen said...

Soo cute! I still don't understand why you didn't want to adopt Hercules. If Mr. Dude needs a friend the offer is still open!

Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Dude is really cute !!! You are both going to have a ball with him. You are his new best friends. Keep a can of rug cleaner handy. Love, Mom

Mamma Cakes said...

Mr. Dude looks soooo cute. Can;t wait to meet the newest addition.