Sunday, December 7, 2008

much needed update

Well sorry for the long delay on posting.... the past 2 weeks have been pretty busy with the new job title, Thanksgiving, bedlam, etc....

Thanksgiving we went up to Rattan and spent time at the farm.  The big highlight was going to the Hugo WalMart a few times and making 6 trips to Antlers to get the 4 wheelers tuned up.  We thought the engine was going out or maybe the transmission.  Turns out the culprit.... dirt dobbers.  

After Rattan we drove up to Stillwater to watch our Sooners take care of the cowboys. We got up early Saturday to go check out the festivities.  It was fun to feel like I was in college again.  Some of the signs were great.... such as the Sooner Schooner aka "The Original Mobile Home"

After they were finished taping, we creeped around stalked some of the ESPN guys.
Liz got to take a picture with Kirk from ESPN Gameday. This made all the lurking cougars jealous.

Please note Kirk is wearing slightly more make up than Liz in this one.... ohhh well, you never know when you will have a brush with fame? The game was fun and we had a great/cold time in Stillwater. 

Although it was a very quiet drive home Sunday with the Stevens'.

This week Elizabeth has been a little under the weather. A flu shot, doc in a box visit, and a z-pack later she is finally feeling better and we are all thankful for that.

This weekend I didn't want to do anything or spend very much money so we did exactly that. Liz and her mom made a ton of Christmas candy, cookies, cakes, etc. so I had the tough job of watching football all day.  Some of the final wrapped products:

Also this weekend we finally sorted through the mounds of fine china and crystal and organized it.  I think a china hutch (and a house) is now on Liz's Christmas list, uhhohh.  Maybe next year.... 

Sorry again for the long delay on updating but really nothing has been too exciting to blog about. Guess we need a dog?



kim said...

you could blog about the blog award you won from your sister....

going to Miami for the game? Micah is!

kim said...

okay, I know I shouldn't post a comment twice, but your post changed overnight, and there are new things to comment on...

Wow, Kirk has tons of makeup on! I saw him at Brother's in Norman one year..after the OU game (let's just say, "ladies man"!)

Is that chinette you are eating on at Thanksgiving? :)

Glad you had a great thanksgiving!

Those Christmas boxes look sooo cute and I bet the goodies are super yummy! If I wasn't on WW, I would be begging for one to make it's way to T-town!

Mamma Cakes said...

Thanks for the update! I was wondering what happened to you!!!