Friday, August 8, 2008

pictures are up

our wedding pictures are up at go to proofs, click on steven and elizabeth miller wedding pictures. password is Miller.

if you want to order some or want some pictures. please let us know and we can order them for you professionally or go to like wal mart and print them. DONT ORDER OFF THE SITE.....(too much money)

today is our last day at the resort which is a really sad day..... yesterday we went deep sea fishing and i caught a huge 90-100lbs sail fish. Liz and the other guy that went with us on the boat both got sick but Liz did manage to reel in two fish that were about 30lbs each. 

after the fishing (which got cut short due to the sea sickness) we decided to ride the ferry to Isla Mujeres a small island off the coast of Cancun. we rented gas powered Golf Carts and toured the whole island in about 2 hours with  stops at a light house, beach, cliffs, and a turtle farm. So that was pretty fun.... We finally got back to the resort where we had our honeymoon massages....

Yesterday was an exhausting day since it was the 1st day we actually did anything besides hang at the resort. 

we fly home tomorrow so i am sure i will chat with yall then....


Karen said...

I can't believe Liz got on another boat after getting sea sick. Sounds like you are having fun! See ya when you get back.

kim said...

the pics are great! So many good ones to choose from.

Aunt Jeanie said...

Hi Millers!
I am so happy for you two. What a beautiful wedding and sounds like an amazing honeymoon. I will definitely check out the photos. What fun.
Aunt Jeanie

T.J. & Kelsey said...

Loved the pictures!!!