Thursday, July 17, 2008


Well today started off with another Lay off from Highland Homes. I again survived the layoff. This is the 3rd layoff since February 2007. God has truly blessed me by keeping me safe and i very grateful for that.

With layoffs comes reorganizing. At 4pm today I found out that i am moving out of Mckinney and moving to a fairly new and very high end neighborhood in the town of Carrolton. (20-30 mins closer to our apartment)

This is going to be a great chance for me to prove to the higher ups that i am ready for my own neighborhood and the next promotion. I will be the only builder in this addition and I will have a boss that is building in a different area. So i will have a lot of responsibility ahead of me. So wish me luck as i start my journey of building houses that start off at $650,000 and go up to $800,000. check them at or

So much for a stress free last two weeks before i start a marriage................


Karen said...

Hey bro - I am your most loyal blog reader!!!
Congrats on the new neighborhood - I know you will do a great job there. Yippie to being closer to home :)

Dad said...

Enjoy the shorter commute. The fact that you were moved and not cut is a testament to your hard work and abilities. Just keep building great homes and keeping your customers happy. I'm sure these houses will be a lot more fun to build then the first ones you did in Dallas.

Mamma Cakes said...

Love the blog Bro! How did you get that big pic at the top of it?? Congratulations ont the move! God is so good and the bonus is you will save on gas money. Looking forward to the wedding!